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  • EXCELLENT SITE! I have used other sites to list a home and this site is by far superior to all the others. The price alone stands alone and then how easy it is to complete my listing was amazing. I would suggest to anyone wanting to sell their property, use this site because many of the other sites are not only much more expensive but they are not nearly as user-friendly and that makes a very big difference for me. I do not give a good review unless it is earned and this website is 100% better than all the other sites I have used.

    Michael Gardner
  • Simple to use so far. They have done exactly what they advertised. Had one question for their support unit and they helped immediately.

    Mike Harner
  • Easy and efficient.

    Jessica Schwartz
  • Super easy to use!

    Blake Felber
  • Great value and customer service. Very responsive to my questions, even on a Sunday. Also, the owner emailed me back to rectify a billing error that occurred with the affiliate broker who charged me for MLS listing incorrectly (I believe it was my error paying on the broker website when I had already paid for the listing on MLSmyhome). Very prompt service and good pricing for MLS listing.

    Michael Lallo
  • Easy to work with 2nd time around

  • This is an excellent site

  • Let me select multiple photos and have them post at once. Then let me drag and drop the order of the photos.

    John Palton
  • Very easy to list!

    Henry Holson
  • So far the experience has been great. Hope our home sells fast now that its on the MLS!

  • Simple and intuitive; loved the Memorial Day discount!

    Michelle Soltesz
  • I just listed a property on Friday in Miami. Took 8 hours to go active in the MLS. Under contract this morning. I promise you we give great service. I have found that many complaints come from over-priced listings. This is just my opinion.

    Gary Brey
  • I work with this company in Florida as a real estate broker. They are a very honest company and follow all of the laws and rules. Many times a seller does not realize there are certain restrictions place on the seller by the MLS system that covers their area. The most frustrating example seems to be with Zillow. If you live in Orlando you cannot list your property and also keep it listed as a For Sale By Owner. Those are just the rules. Just remember when your property is listed for sale in the MLS you pay no commission when you sell to your agent. Nothing. These are good guys.

    Gary Brey
  • Very easy to do and any problems the representative is right there on the chat line.. Highly recommend for FSBOs.

    BJJN Investments
  • Easy to use and sell your home. I've used them multiple times and have never had a problem!

  • Awesome Service!

  • Great service

    D. Silva
  • The site is very simple and straightforward, super easy to use. We are looking forward to seeing our house listed and selling it quickly. Update: the realtor assigned to us was helpful in putting our listing on the MLs site and updated the listing based on our request. He provided timely service and information for us. Our house sat on the market for 9 days before receiving an offer and he updated the listing status right away once we sent a signed offer to him. I would definitely use the site again to sell a home FSBO and have it listed on the NMLS for $134.95.

    Eric Lazerow