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About Us: 

We are a DIY, pure internet-based company. 

MLS My is a national "For-Sale-By-Owner" MLS listing service. The service connects a "For-Sale-By- Owner" with a "Flat-Fee-MLS" real estate broker. For a one time fee, a FSBO can be listed on the Realtors MLS & Whether you are a first time home seller, or have lots of experience selling real estate, using our service will enable you to save thousands of dollars, while maintaining full control over the sale of your home. Your home will be listed in the same MLS used by realtors in your local area.

Interestingly, millennial sellers and sellers in urban areas, who tend to skew younger, are more likely to attempt to sell on their own or succeed in doing so — 36 percent of millennial sellers and 34 percent of urban sellers attempt to or succeed in selling on their own. 

Flat Fee MLS Listing

"Flat-Fee-MLS-Listing" taken to a whole new level. Instead of charging a percentage commission for each transaction, MLS MY HOME Flat Rate Listing offers an A La Carte Menu of services to For Sale By Owners to choose from. We allow home sellers to save thousands upon thousands of dollars. With our Flat Rate Listing, we give our clients more than any other "For-Sale-By-Owner" Site. And our clients recognize that they are getting a real bargain. 

"Flat-Fee-MLS-Listing" nation wide. Our name says it all, MLS MY HOME. Placing your home in many (MLS) Multiple Listing Services. The Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) DataBases, and many other search engines like Zillow, Google Base,,,, 

In just a few short years, since the advent of the Internet, "Flat-Fee-MLS-Listing" have become the preferred method of marketing a home "For-Sale-By-Owner". Compared with traditional real estate brokers who often charge 6-7% of a home's selling price in order to list your home in the MLS, "Flat-Fee-MLS-Listing" gives For Sale By Owners a tremendous marketing exposure for thousands of dollars less. 

"A recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS showed that over 87% of home shoppers now use the Internet. The only way to get your home listed on is through a real estate agent or broker who is a member of your local Realtor Multiple Listing Service. and many other real estate websites collect the data from the local MLS to display to their users". 

By not listing your home in the MLS, you'll be missing out on 87% of home buyers. Everyone knows that increased demand causes prices to increase. If more buyers are aware that your home is on the market, it stands to reason that you will receive a higher sales price. 

Greater exposure means higher selling prices and faster selling times. Flat Rate MLS Listing gives you the ability as a homeowner to sell your home faster and for a higher price than marketing a home any other way. 

Why use our "Flat-Fee-MLS-Listing"?

Listing with a traditional real estate firm, you usually agree to pay a listing commission (say for example 6%) which is due at settlement and deducted from the proceeds of your sale. Half of that fee is the "listing portion" of the commission (3% in this example) and this amount goes directly to the firm that lists your home in the MLS. The other half, the "selling portion" or "buyer agent's fee" of 3% goes to the real estate agent who procures a buyer for your home. If the listing agent sells your home without a buyer agent's involvement, their company gets the entire 6%.
Instead of paying the "listing portion" of the commission (3% of the gross sales price of your home) you pay a flat rate listing fee.
With savings like these, it's easy to see why flat rate fee MLS listing have become more popular.

With the USA median average sales prices approaching $300,000, many sellers are simply unwilling to pay a real estate agent a commission of $18,000 to sell their home. Because while 6% of the sales price of your home may not seem like a large percentage, it usually translates into a much larger percentage of your home's equity. Equity is the amount of cash you get to keep after the expenses of the sale have been paid. It's the bottom line. 

Flat Fee MLS Listing

MLS MY HOME is taking "For-Sale-By-Owner", Flat Fee Listing to a whole new level. Consumer attitudes toward the real estate market are shifting dramatically. The time is now to take advantage of the changing climate and make it work in your favor. 

As home buyers and sellers have become more informed, sophisticated, and computer savvy, the role of the real estate agent is being challenged. In some cases, the real estate agency's cut of a home sale is equivalent to as much as some people earn in a year, and to many consumers, this is unacceptable. Consequently, more owners are attempting to sell their homes without the aid of a broker. In today's market, too often the broker is seen as an unpleasant necessity. 

We are a DIY pure internet based company. We prefer to communicate in writing, email is perfect for this. If you email your questions we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our office hours are 9am - 6pm EST, Monday - Friday.